Spring/Summer 2017 Catalog sneak peek!

Our brand-new Spring/Summer 2017 Catalog will debut March 1 with a beyond-fabulous lineup that will have you at hello.

As always, our latest fragrances are bursting with bright, beautiful notes and, of course, plenty of sensory surprises you’ll have to experience firsthand. We’re also introducing stunning new Warmers and Diffusers that will elevate your décor and help you express yourself in unique, exciting ways. Because first and foremost, we want to introduce you to a world full of new possibilities.

“For us as a company, as a brand, it’s critically important that we deliver the unexpected, because that is what’s going to set us apart next season,” says Lindsay Randolph, Chief Creative Officer. “We’re always looking for that fresh way to design something or to deliver an experience. It is that approach that’s a really important part of what we do.”

To achieve this, we went beyond beauty and turned to the latest trends for guidance.

“We’re on top of the leading trends more than ever before,” says Darin Bishop, Senior Category Design & Overseas Development. “We’re right on top of the pineapple trend, for example, and the mix-and-match trend, too.”

We’ve also taken an especially forward-thinking approach to product design.

“There are some really fun product innovations that we’ve been working on for a couple years that have finally come together,” explains Darin. “For example, the Darling Warmer has cut patterns in ceramic surrounding a colorful sleeve, which is one example of how we’ve been working on more ways to illuminate.”

Nearly every category has something new to discover, so be sure to take the time to pore over the catalog from cover to cover! Contact your Consultant about getting your hands on one as soon as they’re available, and if you don’t have a Consultant, click here.


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  1. 1

    Every catalog I say to myself, Scentsy has outdone themselves again! How do you keep coming up with incredible warmers? It’s thanks to you my sales have never been better! It’s a great time for anyone to get started selling Scentsy!

  2. 2
    Rhonda Prichard

    I believe the Spring/Summer 2017 catalog is the best one yet.. Lots of new Warmers and Scents and the layout is beautiful. Scentsy has so much to offer any taste. Just when I think my business is going great, you come out with more beautiful products that my customers can’t get enough of. Who wouldn’t want to join Scentsy at a time like this.. Amazing!!

  3. 3
    Amber Pulliam

    6 years with Scentsy this year and this is probably my favorite catalog! I’m a “classic warmer” lover and love the traditional/old style warmers but this catalog is really amazing. I just may have to tuck a few of my classics away to add a few new warmers to my collection.

  4. 4
    Barbara Robinson

    The scents this Spring & Summer are so vibrant and beautiful. There are many soft scents perfect for the warm summer days. Many scents with the POW of lemon. So many beautiful warmers…check out “The Colors of The Rainbow”…made from real glass Indian Bangles ….so beautiful. Our newest diffuser “Entice” is by far my favorite…like a stained glass window…and changes to 16 different color settings….whatever the theme of your room.

  5. 5
    Christina Osburn

    It’s like that old Mervyn’s commercial saying OPEN! OPEN! OPEN! I cannot wait for the new Spring/Summer products! It’s going to be the best season yet! Thank you Scentsy!

  6. 8
    Rhonda Werstiuk

    Hi I was wondering if yuzu dragon is gone for good or will
    it still at least come out to vote on in bbmb? I really hope it comes back.
    Thank you in advance Rhonda

    • 9

      Hi Rhonda, if the scent is no longer offered and we can recreate the fragrance, then it will be available in the BBMB voting.

      • 10
        Rhonda Werstiuk

        Thats wonderful to hear that yuzu dragon has a chance to come back.You just made my day.
        Thank you kindly in advance.

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