Hit the road this summer!

Road Trip

With summer comes countless opportunities for family togetherness, from barbecues to lazy days by the pool. But one of our favorite summertime activities is taking a road trip to remember! Whether you head out with family or friends, amazing experiences and lifelong memories are all but guaranteed when you heed the highway’s call.

If a road trip is on your agenda this season, but you’re still undecided on a destination, look no further than our 2017 Summer Collection! With a lively assortment of fragrances, home décor and more — all arranged into three cool categories — you’re bound to find the inspiration that best speaks to your personal brand of adventure.

Here are the Summer Collection categories and some road trip ideas to go along with them:

Seaside Getaway

A trip to the coast is a summertime staple, so go if you can! But if you’re not able to make it all the way east or west this year, find a body of water within reach and declare it close enough! You can also let the products in this category bring that maritime vibe indoors anytime you want, so you’ll be set all summer.

Ocean Scentsy Bar

Ahoy! Warmer

Suri the Seahorse Scentsy Buddy

Go, Go, Mango Laundry Bundle

Funny Sunny Days

Wherever the sun goes, fun is bound to follow! Take advantage of the mood-enhancing effects of the endless sunshine by planning regular weekend jaunts. Maybe you’re exploring a local nature preserve or visiting theme parks or other nearby attractions. Whatever you do, you’re bound to find something new to love about the place you call home.

Coastal Strawberry Scentsy Bar

Cool! Warmer

Bahahaha Buddy Clip

A Wink & A Smile Laundry Bundle

Road Trip

Feeling ambitious? Embrace that adventurous streak and explore a faraway place you’ve always wanted to visit. Maybe it’s a (long) car ride away, or maybe you start with a flight, rent a ride and hit the road in a foreign land. However you go about it, it’s time to take that epic journey you’ve always dreamed of!

Jet, Set, Go Scentsy Bar and Laundry Bundle

Bon Voyage Warmer

Do you have a summer destination in mind? Let us know in the comments! To order from our Summer Collection or Spring/Summer 2017 Catalog offering, contact your Consultant. If you don’t have a Consultant, find one here.

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